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Site Contents:

   In addition to the study guides included in the book, Widow for a Season, Finding Your Identity in Christ, I have created extended study guides for some of the individual chapters. 

   These guides can be found by selecting the corresponding chapter tabs on the left.  Please feel free to print the study guides for your own personal use.

   It is my hope that you will use these study guides not only for you yourself but also in group settings with others.  Please contact me if you need suggestions or help in any way.

Study Guide Topics:

 Chapter 1: 

Study on Identity in Christ

Study on Healthy and Unhealthy Guilt

Study on Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Study on Spiritual Gifts and Spiritual Passion

Chapter 2:

Study on Security of Salvation and Process of Judgment    

Study on Assignment as Ambassadors of Christ

Chapter 3:

Listing of other Precious Promises

Study on Season of Singleness

Chapter 4:

Study on Relationship with God

Study on Loving God

Chapter 5:

Deeper Study on Spiritual Warfare

Study on Godly Goals vs. Ungodly Goals

Chapter 6:

No Additional Studies

Chapter 7:

Study on Believing God vs. Believing in God

Chapter 8:

Study on our Role as Mothers

Study and related thoughts on the Prodigal Son

Chapter 9:

Deeper Study on Idolatry

Chapter 10:

Biblical Study on God's plan for our Money

Biblical Study on Tithing and New Testament Practices for Money Management

Budget Worksheets

Chapter 11:

No Additional Studies